(a poem about Boris Johnson, written during the first lockdown in 2020 when we were learning the hard way just what kind of Prime Minister Johnson was going to be).

Boris Johnson would have us think
His government is on the brink
Of doing great wonders; there will be a cease
To trouble, to strife, there will be peace
And plenty for all in the land, he claims;
But if you believe that these are his aims,
Are convinced he’s not lying, then you are like
A trout thinking he can be friends with a pike.

I wish the fundamental message of this poem had proved to be mistaken. But recent events, quite apart from the pandemic, have demonstrated that it is all too correct.

(I’ve written a fair amount of poetry over the years. A lot of it was rubbish and it’s gone from this world. But I’m reasonably pleased with the rest, and proud of some. This is one of them. There are more on the way – mostly not about politics thankfully for every-one; but I thought I’d start with this one because that’s the mood I’m in right now.)

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