(my apologies for the inconsistent line-spacing: this is a problem with WordPress for which I, like many others, do not have the solution.) Introduction: In this piece I question the logic of Zionism as it relates to the depiction of anti-Semitism as it presented by the many Zionist supporters of Israel who have made their … Continue reading ZIONISM AND ANTI-SEMITISM: HOW LOGICAL IS THE ZIONIST VIEW?

PMQs 08.06.22

Just listening to PMQs. Oh my saints, what a ridiculous figure Johnson is now cutting! Bombastic, blustering, self-justifying: still pretending to himself as well as to us that his failures are successes, and still telling blatant lies! Over and over, the same bloody lies! Nothing seems to get through to him: he’s like a charging … Continue reading PMQs 08.06.22

A Lesson In Criticism….

‘You do not like this poem of mine,And you say so, loud and clear;You want to prove your brillianceWith a harsh, dismissive sneer.But all your knocking tells me isThat you have nothing to sayWhich I could usefully listen to:So please, just go away.’ No artist expects their work to be liked by every-one. But they … Continue reading A Lesson In Criticism….

A Gooner Speaks….

(Written 12.05.2022. Final result: Spurs 3 Arsenal 0) When I last dared to look, I saw that the Arsenal were being hammered by Spurs at White Hart Lane tonight. Really annoying, and always a bit saddening when that happens.Now I know it shouldn’t matter, but it does.I appreciate that there are many for whom football … Continue reading A Gooner Speaks….

The Hill

These handsome. many-windowed housesand their pampered tree-sheltered gardenswere built to partner this steeply-rising road; for looking down on cool nights such as thisthose who live in them can observe at their leisurea sparkling city, a glittering mosaic of brilliant jewels. But do they ever look the other way, to where the roadreaches up towards a … Continue reading The Hill


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