PMQs 08.06.22

Just listening to PMQs.

Oh my saints, what a ridiculous figure Johnson is now cutting!

Bombastic, blustering, self-justifying: still pretending to himself as well as to us that his failures are successes, and still telling blatant lies! Over and over, the same bloody lies!

Nothing seems to get through to him: he’s like a charging bull who can’t be stopped however many tranquiliser darts are fired at him!

And yet – there is something about his tone which tells me he is very nervous now.

He is thrashing around to say something which will change people’s minds about him, but he can’t stop himself saying what he’s said a million tedious times before.

He has got so used to repeating his well-practised speeches so many times on so many occasions that it has become a habit with him, an addiction, like smoking.

Even so, he has found enough of his MPs to back him and so keep him in power. What exactly are they thinking?

Have they been bribed? Are they scared of the alternatives? Or do they really believe that Johnson is the Tory Party’s winning hand in a general election?

Or maybe a combination of all three?

Whatever the case, Johnson has done more to foul the atmosphere in Parliament than any-one or anything since The Great Stink of 1858. It’s tragic that this man is being kept in place by people who can’t smell the sewage.

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