Liz Truss: A Cynic’s View

I tried. I really did try to listen Liz Truss’s leadership acceptance speech, But I couldn’t do it. In some pain, I listened to her (she has the charisma of a hand-puppet) right up to the point where she described the Tory Party as ‘the greatest party on Earth’, having only just heard her also say that ‘Boris’, having amongst other things ‘crushed Jeremy Corbyn’ (something he was not the slightest bit responsible for), and was ‘admired from Kyiv to Carlisle’; at which point I had no choice but to switch over to the joyful pointlessness of Bargain Hunt.
I don’t like being rude about people, and work very hard not to be, and most of the time I succeed. Even whatever I have said about ‘Boris’ in the past has been but a pale reflection of what I’ve really wanted to say.
But first I have to say that the degree of Liz Truss’s vacuous stupidity is exceptional, even compared to the all the other dullards who fill the Tory benches; and second I have to say that her election is very clear evidence that the Tory Party itself has descended to new depths of amorality and opportunism such as has not been since the eighteen-forties.
As much as I mistrust Sir Keir Starmer, and am seriously worried about what he will bring to the Prime Ministership when he wins it, I cannot help but feel that any government he runs, whatever its failings may be, will be infinitely preferable to the morass of silliness which will be Truss’s version of government. I might actually find myself supporting him, if only because he is hugely unlikely to do the kind of extreme damage Truss is threatening to do to the UK.
And yes, I did say ‘when’. I would be amazed if the Labour Party did not win the next election should Liz Truss be allowed to do whatever she thinks is a good thing to do. The fact that she was chosen to be the Tory leader must in itself make it very clear to a lot of people what a catastrophic mess the Tories are now in. If ‘Boris’ came to be hated, I predict Truss will come to be both hated and despised.
Even as I write this, that part of her speech has been broadcast in the news in which she says, to mildly rapturous applause, ‘ we will deliver, we will deliver, we will deliver.’ What he hell does that actually mean??

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